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The Top Trends From New York Fashion Week | Spring/Summer 2017

  • Posted by Admin on May 13, 2017

The top trends from New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017.

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20 thoughts on “The Top Trends From New York Fashion Week | Spring/Summer 2017”

  1. Like: pin stripes, navy stripes, most cut-outs, florals (what's not to like?) Dislike: clothes that look like they are falling off and falling apart, bunchy little pantaloons, and those gawdawful long, long, sleeves. Those went out of fashion in 19th century China and they should have stayed out of fashion.

  2. I wouldn't wear those drab, baggy rags to a dogfight. They look like Halloween costumes cobbled together at the Goodwill.

    What happened to the splashy spring and summer colors and beautiful resortwear usually shown at this time of year?

  3. I always thought models were extremely beautiful, jaw dropping, gorgeous women. I guess it's a good thing the average person may have a chance at this career: jusging from the strut and looks of these models🙌

  4. the models are not as inspiring or as lovely as the models circa 90's – 2000's. next, many looks not only are recycled from the past, but it's as if the designers became lazy. ripped up fabric, and refuse to finish seams. Then stood back, chugged on a bottle of whiskey, smoked their funny cigarette and said to themselves. .."this nonsense will be taken for a work of art. watch as the masses buy into this." this spring, watch people struggle to do anything practical ….with those long sleeves. I'm gonna sip my coffee and people watch. this year shall be entertaining.

  5. Some of this e outifits are so hot for me!😂 Counting that i sweat a lot…🙈

    PD: Models could be prettier…😁

  6. Zombie like anorexic models walk around adorned in weird clothes covered in satanic illuminati symbolism. For most of them it's impossible to determine their gender they look like androids, which I guess helps with the promotion of NWO agenda of gender confusion. This is fashion and we should all be privileged to spend 2 of our monthly salaries to wear one of these 'magnificent' pieces so that we can show our allegiance to satan . Wake up people,blind followers of so called fashion !

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