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Asos launches visual search tool for iOS app

  • Posted by Admin on August 14, 2017

Global online retailer Asos have added a visual search tool to their iOS app, allowing UK users to search for clothing with just an image.

With 85,000 products in Asos’ inventory, the visual tool will match images to clothes based on shape, color and print. Whether it be a photo of friends or a screenshot from social media, any photo from user’s camera roll can be used. Accessed through a camera icon in the search bar, users can also take a photo and instantly search.

The Asos iOS app is responsible for 80 percent of UK traffic, so the addition of a visual tool makes sense for the growing retailer.

“We know this is where our customers are and it’s how they interact with us every day, so we are always looking for ways that are mobile native to make their experience even better,” said Andy Berks, digital product director at ASOS.

The launch follows similar features like Pinterest’s Lens, and Ebay’s image search tool that is set to be launched this autumn.

Innovation has been key to Asos’ success since they launched in 2000. Revisiting their ‘as seen on screen’ concept, the visual search is just the start of their customer centred innovations, with an AI powered recommendation engine rumoured to be in the pipeline.

Photo courtesy of Asos
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