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Two Dope Black Girls, One Old Atlanta: Blending of Homage and Fashion

  • Posted by Admin on November 1, 2018

By: sABREEN sHABAZZ @threepeatteach

When one thinks of the A-T-L, many think of loud fashion, loud women, and live-out-loud hip-hip music that coins the term Southern Swag. In many of those vivid explanations of southern charm, the A-T-L seems to allude that pizazz, that splash, that little taste of class that transforms most thriving cities…until now. Kirsten Daniel and Destiny Stokes the originators of Ateaelle, vowed to put a little more ELLE on the city, taking their love of the world-wide fashion magazine ELLE, and remixing with a word- play on the A-T-L.

Let’s check out their Fall 2018 line filled with all things for that South Belle…welcome to the Ateaelle!

This balancing of both worlds, new and old, not only gave birth to Ateaelle, but it also gave rise to a since of #BlackExcellence that drives the founders to pay homage to the culture of…Atlanta.


Signature body suit, with the OLD Atlanta logo that signifies a blend of new trends with the nostalgia of Old Atlanta.

The geography between Bankhead and Buckhead not only graces the front of Ateaelle’s tees, it also describes a life, stuck between two vastly different cities Bankhead, very poor, and Buckhead, very rich.

 An era rightfully entitled the “Old Atlanta” stands as the moniker for the line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and active wear that has made their way into the wardrobes of many Atlanta natives.

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